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Problem Statement
User manuals and technical documentations are notoriously boring. At times, they seem to be the most difficult task in assembling a product in the industries.Such documentations can over complicate straight forward procedures , either it can be diagnosing a problem with electronics or assembling a piece of industrial equipment.Modern manufacturing involves putting together hundreds and thousands of components in a precise sequence as quickly as possible. This is true whether it could be manufacturing smart phones or a motor and every new product requires a new set of assembly instructions. Training is required for the workers before getting into the work of assembling the product.The instructions in the form of the documents are hard for the product assemblers to go through. In addition they are static documents,they may be out-dated.

The emerging technology Augmented Reality can be utilized in an industrial environment. In the industries , the AR makes the production unit more feasible.Developing a solution combined with Augmented Reality can help by overlaying visual 3-D model instructions and contextual information directly over the parts of equipment that is to be assembled. This can revolutionize the industrial development. In addition to helping with assembly of manufactured products, Augmented Reality can be used to assist in the maintenance of manufactured equipment.Augmented Reality can help close the gap between product development and manufacturing operation because of its ability to reproduce digital information while supporting assembly operators.

All the major manufacturing and production companies an industries get benefited out of the project. The project would facilitate the assembly operators to assemble the equipment and collaborate them to get a final product . This adds value towards chain approach in manufacturing and assembling. As the manufacturers increase the rate of new product introductions . Augmented Reality based solution will greatly benefit them towards a successful product completion.

The uniqueness of this project is that the whole procedure and the instruction set and the tools to do this process are visually presented before the product assembler which makes the process the easiest one to do. Along with the visual representation, audio aid is also provided. Audio-visual representations of the procedures would make the tedious process of assembling the product into a simpler one.

India's Sustainable Development
The project can greatly help towards India's industrial sustainable development.The success of emerging technology is typically the result of various aspects including social and technical issues. Industrial Augmented Reality is to describe the use of AR to support an industrial process and identify the product design , assembling, maintenance, inspection and training are the key areas of Industrial Augmented Reality.AR can support and guide the assembly operators of manufacturing and production industries to work through which can lead the industries to sustain their development.


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