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Third Eye for the Blind

UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
Innovator : Shruthi Subramanian,Srilathaa V, Vaishali.B, Theva Tharshini A , Sharanya S
Project Guide: Dr.P.Ezhilarasi
Institution : St.Joseph’s College Of Engineering

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Problem Statement
India is now home to the world's largest number of blind people. Out of 37 million people across the world who are blind, over 15 million are from India. They are suffering a lot of hardships in their daily life. The use of traditional white cane is effective but still has a lot of disadvantages. Another way is, having a pet animal such as a dog, but it is really expensive.

Instead of using a cane which can break or a pet which is expensive and whose behavior we cannot predict, the third eye is a wearable device which can be simply worn on our clothes. The aim of the project is to develop a cheap and more efficient way to help visually impaired to navigate with greater comfort, speed and confidence. It can detect obstacles around our body. It also has voice recognition based GPS and GPRS systems.

It is mainly beneficiary to visually impaired as well as old aged people. Old aged people often forget the way they came or the way they had to go. By our device, that person will be able to set the destination by voice control before travelling and then the device will start to navigate to the fixed destination

The third eye detects objects around our body. It has a voice controlled GPS and GPRS systems. In case of sudden health issues and harassment/accidents, a message will be automatically sent to the nearby hospitals (as well as family members) and police station along with current location.

India's Sustainable Development
The third eye will help the visually impaired to act like a normal person and change the way that they think, thus bringing new ideas into the society. By wearing this device they can fully avoid the use of white canes and pets. This device will help the blind to navigate without holding a stick which is a bit annoying for them. They can simply wear it as a band or on a cloth and it can function very accurately and they only need a very little training to use it.


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