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UN SDG Category : Quality Education
Innovator : Ranjith Raj B, Priya dharshini I,
Project Guide: Dr P Ezhilarasi
Institution : St. Joseph's College of Engineering

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Problem Statement
Handwriting contributes to reading fluency because it activates visual perception of letters.A good handwriting skill is an essential part of teaching and learning. But this has been ignored in many schools. Bad handwriting results in subsequent failure, underachievement and loss of motivation for academic activities. Poor handwriting can even have negative impact on the success of the students. Hence a quality education should also focus on handwriting.

This project focuses on improvising the handwriting of students by attaching a device to a pen or pencil which observes the handwriting of the student by image processing and provides voice command that guides the student on how cursive the handwriting should be,the space that has to be given between consecutive letters,the grip and the posture of the pen or pencil. It also provides practices on handwriting for the students.

Children who are struggling with a motor skills difficulty, such as dyspraxia, or a learning difference like dysgraphia, dyslexia or ADD/ADHD can used this device for enhancing the handwriting

The novel feature of this project is that this parasitic device is compact in size as not to affect the center of gravity of the pen/pencil.

India's Sustainable Development
Quality education enables people to develop all of their attributes and skills to achieve their potential as human beings and members of society.This project thus improvises one of the skills that has to be developed by any student. It is more important to write such that you can't be misunderstood rather than to write so that you can be understood.


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