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UN SDG Category : Responsible Consumption and Production
Innovator : R.B.Govarshini, N Devishri, B Anjana , P Aradhana, S S Aarthika
Project Guide: Dr.S.Rajesh Kannan
Institution : St.Joseph's College of Engineering

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Problem Statement
Insufficient storage and delayed transportation of agricultural products have been one of the major consequences faced by the farmers today. Transporting the products before the usual time, helps the people to receive the products fresh and the need for storage is also reduced.

Hence, we have come up with a solution, where if there is a load full of agricultural products that need to be transported across states in India, they are mostly transported through road ways. They take more time to reach because of the fact that only one driver handles the truck.Hence,”stops” should be introduced in between the routes where drivers are made to change and a new one takes the charge. This factor can also be used to increase employment in the country. Tracking devices are set inside the containers,to follow the route. These tracking devices are monitored continuously. Sensors such as ethanol sensor, humidity sensor and temperature sensor is equipped inside of the truck to ensure that the products are fresh,hydrated and in good quality for the consumers. Any change in temperature or any other hazards are tracked down and bought into the notice of the person tracking, and required actions are taken.

The above idea,helps in the storage problems faced by the farmers,the products reach the market soon in a better quality which gives the farmers more profit and also reduces the also gives an increasing opportunity of employment for the rural people with less educational qualifications

Usage of ethanol sensor to monitor the decay of vegetables and the introduction of "pitstops" can be considered innovative and new.

India's Sustainable Development
This is a simple and cheap process that can be executed without any complications and ,this continuous monitoring helps to know the status of goods at any time to the sender and receiver as through notifications.This helps in efficiency of transportation of goods .This is a solution that no one has ever come up with till date to our knowledge.


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