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eddvis (educational vission)

UN SDG Category : Quality Education
Innovator : Arun Kumar S , Arul Manivannan, Abinsh A, Abishek R , Akash S
Project Guide: Chamundeeswari.V
Institution : St.Josephs College of Engineering

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Problem Statement
The current scenario in Indian education system is more focused on quantitative and theoretical learning for majority of the students. Hands on practicals and industrially relevant skills are relatively given less priority when compared to the existing grade system. Relevant updates on innovation and research work done in the particular subject by industries are not easily available to a student unless rigorous surfing is done. Professor or teaching faculties find it difficult in staying relevant in today's rapidly evolving industrial trends.

In keeping the above problem in account we have arrived at a solution which involves deep analysis of the current syllabus of any university and providing the necessary case studies relevant to the concepts. The solution basically involves an applet which provides constant and precise case studies of the industries of high benchmark depending on the current subjects the students are involved in. The database which is responsible for storing the relevant information is constantly updated from the internet

The primary beneficiary of this solution would be students. They will have more wider perspective on their subjects.Additional beneficiaries are teaching members of various institutions. Students will get more industrially oriented in terms of skills.

Keeping the Indian Education System in consideration this Applet is first of its kind.Its absolutely free of cost. It provides only necessary information and trends about the industry to the students.

India's Sustainable Development
A developing country like India is highly dependent on its future generation. So it obviously becomes vital and our responsibility to keep our upcoming generation updated and relevant to the rapidly evolving industries. Key industrial skills should be made more affordable through mediums like this to enrich our countries prospective. Applets like this will surely invoke more inquisitiveness in our students .


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