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UN SDG Category : Zero Hunger
Project Guide: VANITHA K
Institution : St.Joseph's College of Engineering

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Problem Statement
Every day many people across the country struggle to get enough food.On the other side, food based industries are giving excess production as a result food is wasted.

The excessively produced food products has to be limited.Industries must be informed at an earlier stage regarding the quantity to be produced during a course of time.In case,the greedy manufacturers produce excess products,as a penalty they have to donate 3% of their total income during the month to a particular area below the poverty line.The fund has to be collected and properly maintained by an official declared by the Government.In addition to this,genuine manufacturers desires to donate a portion of his income(1% to 5%) in a month to a village,then the manufacturer will be credited with star ratings accordingly.

The genuine manufacturers will get free promotion for their food industry.Free funding to the poverty stricken area.There will be a new branch of accounts providing employment to the graduates.

The available resources in the country are given to the needy ,effectively. Data collected about production and income are stored in 'cloud' for access at anytime for survey.The genuine manufacturers are credited with star ratings for the service.

India's Sustainable Development
The tremendous resources are not used properly.This solution will help India to End hunger and achieve food security.The food based industries will be conscious about their production and it promotes service minded manufacturing industries.It provides a path for the industries to help the needy and later this will become a habit among the industries.The positive contribution of them will promote India's Sustainable Development.


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