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UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
Innovator : Theva Tharshini A, Shruthi S, Srilathaa V,Sharanya S,Vaishali B
Project Guide: Dr.P.Ezhilarasi
Institution : St.Joseph's college of engineering,chennai-119

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Problem Statement
It is very difficult for mute people to convey their message to normal people.Since normal people are not trained on hand sign language, communication becomes very difficult. In emergency or other times when a mute person travelling among new people, conveying a message becomes very difficult. In India safety is a very important issue. Hence, people require safety due to increase in crime activities.

Here we propose a smart speaking system that help mute people in conveying their message to normal people using hand motions and gestures.The system consists of stored messages like “need help”, “where is the toilet/washroom” and so on that help mute people convey basic messages. The system reads persons hand motions for different variations of hand movement.The system also consists of security feature, that can be turned on by a person in case he/she even think would be in trouble.

Mute people will be benefited as they can communicate with normal people without any hesitation and can participate in daily activities.

The system reads persons hand motions for different variations of hand movement.The system makes use of a hand motion reading system equipped with motion and flex sensors along with a speaker unit.The message is then received through the speaker.To help resolve this issue of safety we use a GPS and GSM based safety system.

India's Sustainable Development
The mute people can communicate, and participate more fully in daily activities without any hesitation.


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