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"Power-Up" App- Manage your power

UN SDG Category : Climate Action
Innovator : THAKKAR KAIRAV RAJESH, Kairav Thakkar, Shivam Sompura, Dhruvil Thaker, Rohan Gandhi, Japan Joshi
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Institution : Devang Patel Institute Of Advanced Technology And Research

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Problem Statement
An urgent action to solve the electricity problems affecting the climate

Our team is designing an app called "Power-Up" that monitors electrical usage in a domestic household through IoT and smart home technology and suggests for solar appliances if required. It also shows the amount of profit that will be earned if someone switches to solar-powered devices. It has huge industrial and domestic applications.Data monitoring, analysis and smart prediction are also provided.

Industries and domestic households alongwith concerned individuals will reap huge benefits from a simple app and a hardware arrangement. Cost effective use of electricity will thus allow us for a better future.

It applies machine learning algorithm to identify the profit earned and also uses android app to integrate with the IoT providing for a better control over electricity needs.

India's Sustainable Development
It will allow for better electricity consumption and give detailed analysis for the electrical usage. Solar powered households and industries would surely enhance the quality of the nation in the energy sector. Citizens will reap benefits for their hard earned money and contribute to a better nation. A firm step towards the inevitable transition to renewable sources of energy for the production of electricity


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