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What’a’bottle(water bottle)

UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
Innovator : B Ranjith raj, I Priya dharshini
Project Guide: Dr. P. Ezhilarasi
Institution : St.Joseph's college of engineering

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Problem Statement
Nowadays people are not consuming water frequently in their busy life. Mostly when it comes to office that too while working under air conditioners, they don’t feel thirsty because cool surrounding temperature. This may cause many health problems due to lack of hydration level in their body.

Our project is a device that allows the user to set timer like 30-40mins and reminds the user to drink water by glowing for the time that has been set. The bottle stops glowing if and only if we consume at least 200ml of water. To set the timer an app is built which can be connected with the device. This app also tracks our body hydration level, total water consumed, purity whether the water is consumable, and total litres filled. This reminder can also be used for medication of patients

Office workers especially those working all day under air conditioners and Patients who need to take medicine regularly without any delay.

Unlike other massaging devices, this device is portable and can be fitted on any bottles irrespective of size. Our device has a battery backup of 1day and can be recharged to 100% in just 2hrs.

India's Sustainable Development
Now a days, even people who are working for hours together sitting in one place are being prone to kidney diseases. So the economy depending upon people's healthy life such as contribution by being productive, decreases. This project concentrates on increasing that contribution


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