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Organic thyristor for power transmission

UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : Yegappan.S, V.S.Shandhiya, shandhiya
Project Guide: R.K.Ragavapriya
Institution : Sri Ramakrishna engineering college

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Problem Statement
Electronic waste is the major issue that does not have a proper solution,because no innovation supports the 100%conversion of electronic waste into a reusable one .Hence these electronic waste is a great harm to all the living beings.Thus the title for the problem statement conveyed here is "A novel approach to deal with electronic wastes".

The waste that doesnot harm the living beings and the natural resource is the biodegradable wastes.Hence the evolution of organic LED has proved the same.So instead of manufacturing the thyristors with non bio degradable components it can be made with organic components so that it will be non harmful to the society.A research says an organic compound θ-(BEDT-TTF)2CsCo(SCN)4 results with the same characteristics of conventional thyristor,but they have'nt been implemented in transmission lines.So implementing them in transmission line will be an efficient and an eco friendly approach

Replacing conventional thyristor with organic thyristor will be ecofriendly,cost efficient,provides only minimal resistance when compared to conventional thyristor,less heat production,no cooling mechanisms required.

The organic thyristor is in the research level for introducing them in the inverters,but my novel approach of implementing them in the electric grids(transmission lines) will help to solve the power factor issues and avoid voltage fluctions

India's Sustainable Development
India is the largest country that suffers a lot due to e-waste.If the same continues for a decade then the resources will come to the non exploitable state and the living beings will suffer from lot of health issues.Hence compared to other country evolution of organic electronics is a must for a country like india to have healthy future


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