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Solar Hydro Converter

UN SDG Category : Clean Water and Sanitation
Innovator : Dennis Christopher Michael,Alrich Roshan, Celestine Raj, Dhanush.P
Project Guide: Sreekanth.R
Institution : St.Joseph's College Of Engineering

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Problem Statement
Due to alarming scarcity of water in and around Chennai, This is more severe in the areas adjoining the sea coast. Due to Blatant Tapping of fresh water front the ground. As the water level goes down, this results in the sea water to fill up the areas, where the fresh water was previously present. This results in saline water being pumped up instead of fresh water. This saline water cannot be used for drinking, sanitary or washable purpose. Thus resulting in wastage of resources and also makes the earth beneath saline.

In order to convert saline water to fresh water, we purpose a technology called Solar Float.There is an alarming situation of water scarcity in Chennai.The availability of less fresh water has been a major and severe threat now a days.Therefore it's inevitable that we must ensure the availability of water for the present and the future generation by searching alternative sources of freshwater.In order to achieve this and overcome the water scarcity problem in Chennai , we have proposed a technology “SOLAR HYDRO CONVERTER”.This can float on the surface of the sea water, evaporates the saline water producing the fresh water and some other by products.The evaporated steam with dissolved minerals may be cooled and collected.Thereby fresh water is obtained.They are installed in areas where drinking water is unavailable,or can be used as recharge for coastal areas.The existing method of obtaining pure water from sea water is desalination process.Desalination is a process that takes away the minerals from saline water as well as provide pure water.The main by-product obtained is the salt.These are of large scale investments and are uneconomical and they occupy larger area.They can also be used in on-going ships for their consumption and utilisation. This can be installed in rooftops. The solar float converts saline water into fresh water by evaporation. In this method the evaporated steam is captured cooled and collected as fresh water. We also get a by product which is sea salt.

Very easy to install and uses natural resources for the conversion of saline water to fresh water. If tap water if found excess can be irrigated to earth. This method can be very useful where the sea water is present in the ground… this can be alternatively used as a desalination process in small scale where sea water is not present on the ground.

Uses natural resources for the conversion of saline water to fresh water and this can be alternatively used as a desalination process in small scale where sea water is not present on the ground.

India's Sustainable Development
This increases the availability of water and also grants access to common people not matter poor or rich.


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