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Smart Dustbin

UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
Innovator : Surimalla Teja
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Problem Statement
In our surroundings,Most of the times, dustbins are overfed and the Municipalities may be late sometimes to clear it! We can't do anything until they clear it up. We may fall sick due to insects and mosquitoes that are taking birth on the waste around it. We need a simple and quick solution for this!!

My innovation is Smart Dustbin with Rasberry pi, in which Gsm sim-card embedded in it, The Gsm sim-card enables the notification to the Municipalities whether the dustbin level is full as it will check with help of small sensor. This may help the municipal workers in a very effective way and the efficiency will be good.

The residents beside the dustbins will not be effected, also as the lid opens by sensor ,noone will throw waste beside the bin or in the near by waters. Even the Municipalities may find it ease to clear the waste and work with comfort!

We use a Gsm simcard in it and get the notification to the municipal offices once it reaches the peak level.As we use a Rasberry pi, we can put a sensor and a stepper motor to open and close the dustbin lid, so that when ever a citizen comes to throw some waste , it opens the lid ,then he will surely put the waste inside the dustbin rather than throwing it beside the dustbin.

India's Sustainable Development
Everyone will show their Social responsibility of using a dustbin only if the lid open itself when a user is near and will surely throw it in the dustbin only". As he has done his duty, we need to address the waste effectively by taking action after the notifications send by the setup in the dustbin. This can make a quite difference in environmental, ecological balance.


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