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Smart concrete technology

UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : Hareesh Sirigiri
Project Guide:
Institution : RVR & JC college of engineering

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Problem Statement
To minimise the cost and duration of infrastructure project

We find the real time strength of the concrete by using maturity method and correlate the temperature,age of concrete placed inside formwork.We match these results with the laboratory observations of the same concrete using a wireless app.We provide temperature sensors along with the strain sensors to monitor the real time temperature of the placed concrete.Thereby,we can remove the props supports and formwork as early as possible with the achieved strength.

The method is not familiar in India due to the unskilled laboratory conditions.The process can economise the mass concrete structures built for the public and other high profile structures of national importance.

The method of using sensors to monitor the strength parameters of concrete can avoid the early removal of form work without achieving the desired strength.That's the major drawback for reduction of design life span of a structure.We can reduce the cost by 7-10 lakhs for each floor in a high rise building.This maturity method is not yet published in Indian standards.This method can be used in any concrete which can a solution to achieve green buildings which are energy efficient.

India's Sustainable Development
My idea could help India to save the investments in infrastructure projects as a lump.If we can implement this project,we could generate the employment by deploying graduates in the positions of making the maturity graphs in the concrete manufacturing plants.We can build Indian infrastructure which are more strong and durable.


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