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Pollution Monitoring Drone

UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : Rishe Aja S A, Manikandan A, Sivanamasivayam S
Project Guide: Sivakumar R
Institution : Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College

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Problem Statement
Air pollution causes devastating effects in both urban areas and in developing areas . Some of the hotspots of air pollution are traffic signals , industrial zones,swamps. The major constituents are CO,CO2,NO2,SO2.

Our project revolves around the idea of monitoring the air in such hotspots via an UAV i.e quadrotor embedded with a pollution Monitoring module. This is capable of recording the temperature, humidity,CO and CO2 values .This values can be compared with the standard values provided by the Central Pollution Control Board and rectification actions can be taken.

The personnel's of Central Pollution Control Board and other NGO's personnel to inspect the pollution in areas ,Cartographers for making pollution maps of that region and the people of the particular country

This is an economic and more efficient way of monitoring the pollution in the atmosphere as it is capable of autonomous flights and data logging and it can also be upgraded or eqquiped with user needed components to suite their needs.

India's Sustainable Development
This quadrotor can help to identify the major air pollution zones and the existing air quality of nation so that control measures can be implemented thus resulting in a much more healthier lifestyle of people and environment.


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