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Smart Cities

UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : Mattapudi Jo Babu
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Institution : PVP Siddhartha Institute of Technology

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Problem Statement
The main problems in the cities are: 1.Space management 2.Pollution 3.Traffic 4.Water Problems 5.Water on roads at the time of raining. 6.Global warming(presence of Industries) 7.Improper construction at some areas disturbs public 8.Lack of waste management 9.Railway Routes at main Junctions Causes over disturbance 10. Some cities facing electricity problems.

The above problems are solved by the new techniques & innovation Solutions: 1.Space management Innovation: some places in the cities are leaved because of some problems like water problems etc. they become empty. So these places are used for the industrial purposes and other factrories running like without usage of the water.Places with all facilities are used for living & building houses etc. 2.Pollution: Innovation: Mainly air pollution: The air pollution can be minimized by using pollution absorbing machine. Pollution absorbing machine is a new invention which works on the principle of electrolysis. 3.Water problems: Innovation: There are some areas in the cities without ground water facilities to minimize this problem invented a new machine named as atmowater. Principle of this machine is it directly takes the hydrogen and oxygen from the atmosphere air and converts into the water it works on electric power 4.Traffic: Innovation: The traffic in the cities can be removed by using new technique called road converted: We invented a new technique road converter which converts 4 way junction into double way and the traffic in the city removed maximum. 5.Water on the roads at the time of raining. Innovation: Invented a new solution to solve the above problem names rain absorbent. These machines absorbs the rain water and send it to the drains these are located at the electric poles. Working on humidity sensor 6.Global warming: Innovation : The problem can be solved by using the gaseous converter it is a new invention it converts carbon dioxide from the industries and vehicle are converted into oxygen these are places at road dividers and industrial scilencers to reduce global warming. 7.Improper construction at Some areas. Innovation : Improper construction at the road sides causes public disturbance To remove the problems if the construction is big and cannot remove so we invented a new road sliding which means the road slope can be increased at the opposite side of construction and gives more free space. 8. Lack of waste management: Innovation: The innovation deals with to reduce plastic & move towards the folding metals mainly aluminum to carry the things. 9.Railway routes at the main junction cause over disturbance. Innovation : To solve the above problem we invented a new technique named ground rail. Working : The train at the main junction are more down the ground at about 1 km and the vehicle move asuasally and disturbance can be minimized. 10. Electricity problems : Innovation : To solve the above problem we invented a new technique named Renewable substation. The all the electric sub station are connected with renewable energy resources like wind mills and solar panels which already connected with step up transformers so the problem of electricity Can be minimized.

There are 10 new inventions in the above they are management technique 2.pollution absorbing machine 3. Road conversion 4.atmowater 5. Rain absorbent 6. Carbon dioxide to oxygen converter7. Slide roads 8. folding metals 9. Ground rail 10.Reneawable Substation By using all these invention creates a smart city which means the city with less pollution, with traffic, good water facility, Disturbances free, remove health problems, reduce global warming, waste managementetc. by using all these inventions

By utilizing and fallowing all the above invention gives the green and clean city without pollution and best space management, availablity of all the resources. Reducing water problems etc. And gives best techniques to solve the above problems mentioned in easy and best way. All these techniques are newly introduced to solve the problems and give the best future to future generations , proper usage of resources, new invention for now a days problems is the main theme of the innovation.

India's Sustainable Development
The innovation helps for the lndia's sustainable development About the Innovation : The innovations all are newly introduced all these are easy to follow and utilize. and gives the best results. Advantage of the invention: The main advantage of the invention are it gives the best solution to the above problems and gives best results. It also gives the best future to the next generation by proper usage of resources. How it helps for development ? It help by solving problems, giving new technique for future generations to solve problems and gives smart and clean cities


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