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Soil Energy Based Forest Fire Detection System

UN SDG Category : Climate Action
Innovator : Pratyush Mallick, Pramit Kumar Bhukta
Project Guide: Mrs. Ananya Dastidar
Institution : CET Bhubaneswar

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Problem Statement
Every year millions of hectares of forest are destroyed due to wildfires. More carbon monoxide is produced on account of such natural disasters. Early detection of a forest fire can significantly reduce potential loss of vegetation and shorten the reaction time. The Existing Forest Fire Detection largely consist of observers in the form of watchers in monitoring towers, satellite monitoring, and optical camera sensors. These Systems are cost-intensive and requires a lot of resources. Satellite monitoring is greatly affected by the atmospheric conditions and fires under the clouds are often missed and optical cameras have high false alarm rates.

Our proposed solution recommends stand-alone boxes harvesting energy from Microbial Fuel Cell to be deployed in hotspot regions of forests where forest fire regularly occur. Each box contains Humidity, Temperature, Air quality sensors coupled with microcontroller and a radio communication module to wirelessly send the collected data from all the nodes to a base station that contains a central computer where the data is processed and alerts are generated accordingly. Our system minimizes the delay time as well reliable under harsh weather condition compared to the satellite system used in India to detect forest fires.

Our solution aims to help the World Wide Forest Administration Office in taking critical decisions as wells as optimizing resources to fight and keep forest fires under control in a short amount of time hence preventing loss of vegetation as well human life.

Here we are using energy harvesting technology such as Plant Microbial Fuel cell to power up sensor nodes in applications such as oceanographic study, military tactical surveillance, in agricultural monitoring, harvesting energy from wastewater, charging up of household devices from plant pots.

India's Sustainable Development
Forest fires in India have increased by 125 % in the last 2 years. India loses around Rs 1,176 crores a year to forest fires. The existing detection system is limited by terrain, time of day and weather conditions. Hence the need is imminent for developing a system that can monitor forest fires efficiently and with minimum time delay. Satellite monitoring is currently being used in India which takes around 1 to 2 hours to generate an alert. Our system minimizes this detection delay is being powered up by renewable sources of energy.


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