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FREE FOOD & Irrigation Strength

UN SDG Category : Zero Hunger
Innovator : Jo Babu Mattapudi
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Institution : PVP Siddhartha Institute of Technology

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Problem Statement
The problem for Insufficient Food deals with the 1.Irrigation system 2.Improper Food Distribution System 3. Lack of Food Cost management 4. Cost and food quality not matching which means the low nutrition food with high cost. 5.Health Hazards using the imported food mainly fast foods 6.Lack of maintenance for good food distribution to every person 7. Food wastage.

The Innovation deals with the how to Distribution the food to all the people who are unable to get the Minimum food for their survival. Invented a new solution to solve the above problem in two steps they are: 1.Strength for Irrigation system. 2.New way of food distribution. 1. Strength for irrigation system: Innovation : Invented a machines which named soilcoverter and fertility sensor. 1.Soil converter: The machine converts the useless soil which means rocky soils and less nutrition soils which cannot usefully for irrigation to the useful soil for irrigation. Working : Example: rocky soil conversion The machine is constructed with small blades and absorption system & subsidence process it looks like a vehicle. The small blades used to cut the rocks which are not useful and disturbs plant growth into the powder and absorbtion system removes the big rocks and the subsidence system is pour the layers of green mannure in layers. Procedure : Step 1. By using the blades and absorption system we dig to the small depth minimum of 2 feet Step 2. Then using subsidence system we form a small layer of manure and the powdred soil in the absorption system forms another layer the process will continue until it equals to the normal ground then the soil is converted into the Fertility soil and useful for the irrigation 2.Fertility sensor : Innovation It is a sensor which sense the soil fertility and output can be obtained in the digital screen by using this we notice the percentage of nutrients in the soil and it also shows how much nutrients we add the soil then we esaly recognize and provide the required nutrients that should increase the irritation strength. Sensor working principle: It works on electric Conduction and resistance process. 2.New way of food distribution : Innovation : By removing the tax to the big hotels in the place of tax they provide the food to the poor and arphans and old people daily. By using this technique food can be disturbuted to the every person easily.

The first two inventions Soil converter & fertility sensor are useful for the farmers they increases the irritation strength and fertility of the soil by using green mannure and soil converting technique. The fertility measurements gives the good result of adding type of manure to the fields in efficient way it gives the best irrigation results in agriculture. 2. Innovation new way of food distribution it provides the Food to all the people which means people who cannot own their food it mainly helps the Poor people, arphans, Old people.

Innovation : Two inventions : Soil converter and fertility sensor is useful for the farmers and agricultural officials to increase the irritation strength. By using these we increase the products and it reduces the Food scarcity easily. The second innovation deals with how to provide food to the everyperson who are unable to work. By utilizing the technique of tax manegment we can provide food to all the people.

India's Sustainable Development
India is in the first place of agricultural products but in India the products distribution to the common people which means Citizens is not good. By using the above inventions it gives the more products which helps to reduce Food scarcity and also increase national income.


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