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Design of cold box for pharmaceutical products

UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
Innovator : Preethi N, Sanjith C, Praveena N, Sabarika Janani S
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Institution : Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam

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Problem Statement
Almost all pharmaceutical products need to be stored at a particular temperature throughout the transportation period from origin to destination. The idea behind temperature control is to make sure that the drugs are actually useful to the patients . Some pharmaceutical products can degenerate if the temperature they are stored is not correct.Nowadays, medicine theft is being increased ,our prototype tends to reduce it.

The peculiar thing that describes our prototype is that to maintain a constant temperature at different regions and to alert the concerned persons if any theft occurs. The temperature of the cold box varies above and below the threshold value. Hence, when the threshold value exceeds, coolant is turned on and if it falls behind, heater is turned on.The vibration sensor detects the vibrations produced by the truck, and hence the temperature is reduced by the coolant.Not only to maintain a constant temperature but also to secure it from tragedies.When the product is received by the target,it randomly generates an OTP which is encountered on the keypad of the cold box,if the pin entered is correct , so that the cold box is unboxed.Hence, our prototype will reduce the degeneration of pharmaceutical products.

The individuals who are in need of pharmaceutical products can be benefited by our innovative research product that serves the best to maintain a person's health in pink. The cold box renders a constant temperature which contains the pharmaceutical products.Our prototype will enhance the security and safety of products by sending an alert message to the target.

The innovation in our project is that we have coolant and heater in our prototype which will automatically compensate the temperature change.Suppose the value sensed by the pressure sensor is higher than the threshold value, the pi cam is turned on and it automatically captures the images of the person who handles it at that current scenario.Then,alert message is sent to the higher officials and the respective person.

India's Sustainable Development
The temperature compensation by our prototype prevents the detoxification of pharmaceutical products.Some of the existing solutions only measure the temperature of the cold box and some maintain a constant temperature which is being manually set.Our prototype maintains the cold box at constant temperature even if there is a change in the temperature by the application of coolant and heater.It also improves the security system of the cold box and reduces the theft of medicines.


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