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UN SDG Category : Clean Water and Sanitation
Innovator : M. Jo Babu
Project Guide:
Institution : PVP Siddhartha Institute of Technology

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Problem Statement
1.Wastage of rain water 2.Lack of storage units for rain water 3. Decreasing level of ground water 4. Water Scarcity 5. Water problems in Agriculture.

Innovation: To solve the above problems invented a new machine named rainstorer that absorbs the rain water directly and send to the ground main advantage of the invention. Working : These machines are placed at the cities where there is no agricultural fields & Other places like Polluted channels etc. To save the rain water. Procedure : The machine which directly absorbs the rain water it has range by these range it absorbs the rain water and it's outlet connected into the ground. It increases the ground water level and stores the ground water that are useful for both agricultural & drinking purpose. They can be easily stored and more useful and reduce water scarcity. Working procedure expilnation in technical way : Turbines are placed in 4 directions with single stand turbines are connected to gear motors and according to the wind direction at the time of raining the speed of the motor can maintained the range of the machine depends on the area of place for absorption. And the turbines are connected with water outlet that outlet is directly connected into the ground which increases the ground water level and reduce water scarcity.

It cannot use any storage tanks for storing the water we are storing the water in ground. and it reduces the water scarcity by increasing ground water levels. These water is mainly usefully to farmers for cultivation and also useful for drinking. The problems mentioned in the above can be easily minimized by using these machine.

The innovation deals with how to get clean water and reducing water scarcity. The invention rainstorer is the best way to the problems facing now a days they can be easily minimized. And it also useful for future generations to solve water problems.

India's Sustainable Development
According to the ground water research in India the levels of the ground water levels are reducing step by step to reduce the problem this machine rainstorer can be used and it reduces water scarcity and water problems for irrigation which increases the agricultural products and minimizes the deaths of food scarcity and increases the national income.


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