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Sonic fire extinguisher

UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : Sri Nandha kumar.A, Ram nirmal kumar.M , Palani Manoj Kumar.M, Nitheshkannan.M
Project Guide: Abinaya.I
Institution : Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College

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Problem Statement
The conventional fire extinguishers poses a lot of disadvantages. The foam fire extinguisher when used in congested places results in severe breathing difficulties,suffocation and therefore leaves residue. Water fire extinguishers cannot be used in all conditions.There is a growing body of scientific evidence that firefighting foams may be toxic to humans and to ecosystems. Though the Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher leaves no residue, it is very heavy and unsuitable for domestic conditions.

Our major aim is to design a fire extinguisher that overcomes almost all disadvantages in the existing ones.The sonic fire extinguisher mainly works upon sound. It leaves no residue, thus ensuring the sustainability .There are no chemicals added in this extinguisher.Unlike conventional fire fire extinguishers, there is no need of refiling in it, as long as the power supply is on, it would be able to extinguish fire

The sound fire extinguishers can be used in all conditions. But concisely, it can be greatly utilized for domestic fires and in electric circuit fire. In case of electric fires, the extinguisher which to be used should not damage electrical circuit connections rather protecting it.Thus the sonic fire extinguisher is best suited for the electric fires.

The sonic fire extinguisher will be the perfect path to attain the perfect residue less technology in extinguishing systems.The major raw material utilized here is sound. By using the alternating pressure caused by the sound waves, we extinguish the fire

India's Sustainable Development
It eliminates almost all the disadvantages in the existing fire extinguishers *There is no need of refiling *It leaves no residue *Can be utilized in all conditions and finally *It is very much cost efficient.


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