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Innovator : Sudhansu Sekhar Pani, Sourav Kumar Behera, Subham Tandon
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Institution : College of Engineering and Technology, bhubaneswar

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Problem Statement
The government faces challenges in the mobilisation of youth from all parts of rural India for education, skilled training, handholding them during training and keeping track of the students.

SkillEd is a WebApp/Website that enhance quality education and skill development among youth. It mostly emphasis to provide overall direction, guidance and implementation of education and training programs. The objective of this skill certification scheme is to enable a large no.of Indian youth to take up quality education and industry relevant skill training that will help them in securing a better livelihood. It also play a vital role in bridging the gap between the educational institute and students.

To play a vital role in bridging the gap between the educational institute and rural students.It provide modern course of studies with trainings and advanced projects. It facilitates the students, by providing Skill Councils, and eventually with projects, Internships and Jobs. To make an interface of the portals to connect candidates and institute and training partners. It also creates a network among the alumni and the students for their development and alumni track record.

Easy accessibility for students and institution/training center's. Single point of contact. Website is user friendly and provide advance means of education and training. Most efficient for rural students and poor student.

India's Sustainable Development
Existing government solution don't have technological solution for poor students. Our website can create a connecting network between the students and the education provider. usually present solution charges price for this but our solution is non-chargeable which will be beneficial for poor and rural students.


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