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Smart Rotten Onion Remover And Onion Sorter

UN SDG Category : Responsible Consumption and Production
Innovator : Pagar Vicky Madhavrao, Bhamare Dhanashree Janardan, Patil Atul Dnyaneshwar
Project Guide: Mr. Rajendra Shankarrao Chaudhari
Institution : SNJB's Late Sau. Kantabai Bhavarlalji Jain College of Engineering, Chandwad

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Problem Statement
India is the 2nd largest producer of onion in the world. The annual production of onion in the country is about 5.5 million tones. A majority of onion sorting is done manually. The existing system faces certain issues like subjective grading, tedious work, increases in selling cost, changeability and low productivity and most of the above problems can be lessen using in an automation process. So in this research, we are designing and manufacturing automated system which sorts the rotten, sprout, black mold, doubles, diseased and white onion.

The existing traditional method for sorting healthy and diseased onions is time consuming, costly and tedious. Hence, there is a need for onion farming for an inexpensive system that automatically differentiates between healthy and diseased onions. The proposed system consists of an inclined conveyor that loads the onion in the hopper, blower that clears the impurities (mulch and soil). Gas sensor and image sensing and /processing units are compatible to flap out all types of defective onions and also remove the rotten and diseased onions.

Our project will directly benefit the farmers, exporters, and consumers of our country. As due to the sorting the quality and the production rate of onions in India will help to improve. This eventually contributes to the economy of our country. When we export agricultural commodities to the other countries though we earned foreign exchange. We virtually export the healthy onions into will the global market. In this way, we will contribute to the growth of GDP.

The major innovation in the onion sorting process is to remove rotten and diseased onion. This will be achieved with the help of gas sensors, image sensing, and the processing unit. The overall system is innovative and unique in the global market.

India's Sustainable Development
In a country like India, the onion production rate is an important factor. India is the 2nd largest producer of onion in the world, follows the china. In this project, the rotten and diseased onion will be removed. This will help to improve the quality of onions and equally in size which attracts consumers from global markets will purchase the Indian


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