Previous Winners

Midi Interface Autonomous Violin


Sam Verghese, Ashlin Antony, Jebin Peter, V Gayathri and Irene Jaison of Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology.

The project received support from 15 Backers. Midi Interfaced Autonomous Violin (M.I.A.V) is a robot that is designed to play a violin like an expert violinist. The design is compact, portable and cheap so that any musical group can buy it and use it. MIAV solves the issue of finding good violinist for low cost.



Shyam Pradeep, Aadhil Khan, Fasil K.V of Government Engineering College Thrissur.

The project received support from 7 Backers. In a long distance bus journey, passengers and staff cannot urinate in time. It is difficult for aged people and also diabetic patients, who cannot control their urination easily. Portito is a simple device that can be operated easily and comfortably while travelling.



Abhijith P and Jagannath V Bhat of Adishankara College Of Engineering And Technology.

The project received support from 22 Backers. Maintail is a library management system for educational institutions. Main features include QR code for each user for faster lending, searching of books, checking availability of books, reviews, recommendations by faculty, eLibrary with payment gateway.